The Woodchuck Part 2

Then along came Chuckie a super wood chucking Chuckie and the champion woodchucking chucker of Chattanooga. One day the Chuckie went a chuckin’ and a chompin’ in the wood when he came across the super chuckin’ champion of the wood and that very same super wood chucking chucker that would chuck a lot of wood

So Dirt Poor – The Beginning

As parents we often have those moments where we like to express how life was harder for us than for our children. The “up hill both ways” anecdote is a common example. A year or so ago, we experienced this same discussion, but within our own children. We had recently purchased a new stroller anticipating

How the Parable of the Trekker Taught Me about the Purpose of Life

Our Savior often taught with parables. These short stories drew spiritual parallels with common tasks or activities to which people could relate. President Packer described a parable as, “….a true-to-life example used to teach a principle or a doctrine that is invisible or intangible.”(1) A recent true-to-life example that I experienced helped me better understand

A Homeowner’s Political Plight

What would happen if the federal government oversaw the day-to-day events of a homeowner? The following dialog may provide some insight. A pdf for download can be obtained by clicking on the link below, or simply read along in the post. The dialog’s already in process so let’s listen in to what’s going on:Homeowners Political PlightCongressman

Oh Those Parables

Lindsey and I teach a Youth Sunday School class at church.  We were discussing what lesson to teach, and I asked her if we should teach about the parable of the Twelve Virgins from the Bible.  She began laughing.  She then informed me that there were only ten virgins in the parable.  Apparently, I should


One day Lindsey and I were watching an online video where the speaker was giving life advice.  One of the pieces of advice he gave was to increase your Question to Answer Ratio.  I couldn’t tell what he said, so I  turned to Lindsey and said, “What?”  She then began laughing. It occurred to us

Celery and Peanut Butter

So I’d like to share an amusing experience that happened to me this evening.  Please note that the names in the following story have not been changed so as to implicate the guilty!  This evening I decided that having a snack of celery and peanut butter sounded quite delicious. A very simple thing really. What could go