Name Changer 01/14/2024

One of my earliest childhood memories was watching western movies.  John Wayne led his cavalry over the crest of a sun drenched Arizona hill to rescue victims of Indian attacks and stagecoach robbers.

The real Donald and I plan to emulate this brave charge by rescuing our voters from the ravages of diversity, equity and inclusion.  The toxic male, anti white, anti Christian environment where meritocracy and fair play are demonized are a scourge to our existence.  Rather than fighting this kind of stupidity, if elected, we propose to establish a new department in the federal government tasked with the responsibility of evening the playing field.

The Department of “Whoz it” will help re-identify our marginalized citizens so they can compete fairly in the workplace.  Their goal is to provide “work names” that comply with all the things liberals dream about, free stuff for everyone, open borders, no responsibility or accountability and close all the prisons, just to name a few.

The Dept. of Whoz it will be run at the cabinet level by Secretary Manual Malarkey, an alias for yours truly, V.P. candidate Jay Alsup.  Assistant Secretary will be Aunt Valerie, AKA Fatima Cattywampus.  Together, Malarkey and Cattywampus will assist all applicants with their work place names.  We have taken the liberty of naming the Perry family siblings and will assist with the rest of the family as time goes by.

Justin  Li Bamboosler

Kelby  Poncho Kerfuffle

Brandon          Pierre Brouhaha

Jenelyn          Annika Skedaddle

Troy    Boris Katzenough

Cody             Simon Tomfoolery


And just so that we all understand how important it is to “Sound the Bugle” and call in the cavalry when it appears that the numbers are beginning to overwhelm us, just take a listen to this message from Sheriff Mark Lamb tells us why those coming to the USA may be coming in droves………………………..…………….
Yep, you guessed it FREE is the answer, free this free that….it motivates people to vote, right?
The Surprise Party marches on 🎩

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