Hitting the Campaign Trail 01/08/2024

Hitting the Campaign Trail for 2024,

The year of Make America Cowboy Again (MACA). We thought we’d start the campaign year off by reminding you what MACA stands for:
1-Being Kind (as you saw in our first notice of the New Year
2-Standing up for our country, our freedom, and our rights given by our Founding Fathers in the Constitution.




So, now you know exactly what the “Surprise Party” stands for. If you agree, saddle up and join us as we hit the campaign trail to let ALL AMERICANS know where we’re headed in November.
Let’s take a look at who we are and how were going to get there when we need to bed down the horses for a night or two:
President Photo.jpeg

VP photo.jpg

We’re going to visit every little town in America including: Ding Dong, Texas, and Monkey’s Eyebrow, Kentucky, 

Bacon Level, Alabama, Booger Hole, West Virginia, Boring, Oregon, Bugtussle, Kentucky, Carefree, Arizona, Center of the World, Ohio, Chicken, Alaska, Cookietown, Oklahoma, Frankenstein, Missouri, Fries, Virginia, Whynot, North Carolina, Coward, South Carolina. We’ll campaign until we arrive at Bitter End, Tennessee, and then keep going to many more……………………..……………

How can we do this, you ask? Well, it’s simple, we were given the perfect vehicle by our NASA supporters.
As we see it, if you believe a change is needed in the future and you want to throw your support for the “Surprise Party” take a picture of you as MACA and send it to us. We are looking for wonderful Americans to staff our CABINET in 2024.
Here we come AMERICA, walking down the street, we get the funniest looks from everyone we meet, Hey, Hey with the MACA!
The great poet, cowboy and American humorist Will Rogers said, “Live in such a way that you would not be ashamed to sell your parrot to the town gossip”.  When the real Donald approached me about being his running mate, I first had to consider the shoes I would have to fill should I be called to do so.  Having known Donald for most of my life I believe that if he had a parrot, the bird would surely sing his praises with avian glee.  While the grand testament would be useful for a man seeking high office, could the parrot be as complementary about his running mate?

What would it take to make America cowboy again?  What would John Wayne or Teddy Roosevelt do?  If I had a parrot, what would I want it to say about me?  If kindness means turning the other cheek when it seems like the whole world is against me, would the parrot say I did it?  Could I be kind while standing up for our country, our freedom and our rights?  Could I go to Bird in Hand, Pennsylvania  or French Lick, Indiana and keep a straight face while making a speech?
I think if I had a parrot I wouldn’t sell it to anyone.  I would admit to Donald and the rest of the country that we are just a couple of imperfect guys who, like everyone else, want the best for our country and we are willing to work hard to make everyone, including our parrots proud.
The Surprise Party.
The “REAL” Donald and Uncle Jay 👏👏

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