Overreach 02/02/2024

“One of the most contentious issues faced by the Founding Fathers was the size, reach, and power of the federal government. This is a generalization but the federalists, who supported a stronger central government, tended to come from the larger cities where business, manufacturing, trade, and transportation dominated. The anti-federalists were more likely to come

Make Changes 01/26/2024

Yes the Surprise Party has lofty goals.  How do we accomplish those goals you might ask?  Let’s consider prioritizing the most important things. The first thing we need to establish is a maximum age limit for the president.  Gov. DeSantis says he will try running again when he is a senile 80 year old.  If you consider that age

What’s Your Problem 01/22/2024

As we continue to travel around the country and listen to our constituents talk about the issues that they face, we realize how out of touch our current congressional leaders and Presidency are. As hard as it is to believe, those leading the country today seem to forget, once they’re elected, that there are REAL

Name Changer 01/14/2024

One of my earliest childhood memories was watching western movies.  John Wayne led his cavalry over the crest of a sun drenched Arizona hill to rescue victims of Indian attacks and stagecoach robbers. The real Donald and I plan to emulate this brave charge by rescuing our voters from the ravages of diversity, equity and inclusion.  The

Hitting the Campaign Trail 01/08/2024

Hitting the Campaign Trail for 2024,   The year of Make America Cowboy Again (MACA). We thought we’d start the campaign year off by reminding you what MACA stands for: 1-Being Kind (as you saw in our first notice of the New Year 2-Standing up for our country, our freedom, and our rights given by our Founding Fathers

A New Year 01/03/2024

A NEW YEAR IS UPON US Greetings friends, family and voters, a new year is here whether we like it or not.  If you read the paper or watched the news recently you might think living in a cave in the wilderness without the joy of mass media is for you.  But wait, there were many things

Merry Christmas 12/24/2023

We are the “Bearers of Good News!” With so much negative campaign news in the nation today, we thought it would be a welcome SURPRISE (Get It?) to fill you full of the Good News that has, is, and will take place in the land of the free. So, here goes: 1) Remember how much the

Common Sense 12/15/2023

Thomas Paine said it best in 1776 but we say it best in 2024 As we sit down to dinner and either watch the evening news or discuss the daily events in our lives with our significant others, we often ponder the mysteries of life by asking why things happen.  Why are college students calling for

Surprise Party Rides Again 12/08/2023

The “Surprise Party” Rides Again That’s right, we the Surprise Party have reappeared unexpectedly and with new vigor. We watched as candidates come and go this year, just as they did 8 years ago. Some with high aspirations but most with no vision for what America needs at a critical time for the nation’s future.


I would like to submit my application for the position of Secretary of Defense Against Booers. As Secretary of Defense Against Booers I will ensure that swift and consistent justice is applied to all people who boo at inappropriate times. All those booing at inappropriate times shall face the consequences of a partial justice system,