Parables from a Mother

Parables from Moab   Parable #1 – If you splash through the mud in an open vehicle, you are bound to get dirty. Mud is an irresistible playground for children. In spite of failed commands to “stay out of the mud” from a parent’s voice of warning, children naturally gravitate to the enticing, fun, and

Non-Sizable Digits

We have a major issue in our society today, and we must take action to bring awareness to others about the need for social change.  As President Obama recently stated in a town hall meeting in the UK, “..change takes time.” However, we cannot stress how urgent this issue is.  For a long time now

Purpose of Goverment

I fear that a majority of people’s perception of the purpose of government is trending towards: “leave me alone in all my moral decisions, but take care of all my temporal needs.” Where have personal accountibility and sustainability gone?

Do You Remember?

Do you remember when Barack Obama said that we needed to stop fighting wars and pay down our national debt?  Just wondering, because that was $8.386 trillion dollars worth of debt ago, and, by the way, we’re still fighting wars.

The Question

If someone punches you in the face, and you ask them to stop, then they punch you in the face again, and again you ask them to stop, and then they punch you in the face yet again, and once again you ask them to stop, and again they punch you in the face, the

Offense – What if I Take One

We had a lesson on getting offended today and this got me thinking. Consider the following: Suppose I’m sitting on my porch. I’m minding my own business simply enjoying a peaceful afternoon. Then, suddenly one of my neighbors walks past and decides to light my pants on fire. Yes, he’s literally lit my britches on

A Sense for Civility

It seems that these days people are really in to yelling at each other.  You turn on the TV, and people are yelling at each other.  You go to a movie, and the people are yelling at each other.  You get in your car and drive to work, and people are yelling at each other

Question to Professor Hawking

Recently, Stephen Hawking hosted an AMA on Reddit where the central topic was artificial intelligence. I posted a question, but didn’t receive a reply – not surprisingly because of the many, many other questions that were posted. So I’d like to repost my question here in hopes that one day I do get an answer. The question,