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We have a major issue in our society today, and we must take action to bring awareness to others about the need for social change.  As President Obama recently stated in a town hall meeting in the UK, “..change takes time.” However, we cannot stress how urgent this issue is.  For a long time now

The Donald Campaign Message 04/10/2016

I saw the other day that the Feds (The Federal Reserve Board) which is made up of our brightest economists (3) and lawyers (2) and vacancies (2) have decided not to raise the federal interest rate.  Now, I was quite surprised in December, after not raising the rate during the financial crisis, they decided to

The Donald Campaign Message 04/03/2016

As March Madness concludes, the hopes, aspirations and plain old “good luck” (think Syracuse) of all the teams comes to an end.  There are only two teams left to enter the final match.  Which one will come out victorious? At the beginning of this campaign, there were 17 candidates who wanted to be the next

The Donald Campaign Message 03/27/2016

Throughout the country, “Inquiring Minds want to Know,” What in the World is happening around here.  Have you had people say, “I’ve never seen anything like this,”  This is the weirdest political year ever,” “Where is this country headed?” “ Well HELLO! Hang on to your hat! THE SKY ISN’T FALLING…………IT’S JUST SUSPENDED IN

The Donald Campaign Message 03/13/2016

Yep, that’s it! I finally figured out why we’re having so much trouble with this election year cycle. We’ve crossed the summit, we’ve reached the boiling point, we’ve eaten all of the Blue coated M & M’s, we’ve “fiddled why Rome burned”, Not familiar with this phrase? Well, here it comes….(According to a well-known expression,

The Donald Campaign Message 03/06/2016

Yes campaign staff, we have reached a milestone for the Presidential Election of 2016. The state caucuses and primaries are coming and going faster than bees around a hive. The number of  “Real Donald” supporters just keeps growing by quintuple digits. Massive amounts of Americans are looking for a better way to control the outbreak of “LARGE GOVERNMENT DISEASE.”