The Donald Campaign Message 02/21/2016

The title of my campaign message this week sounds a little like a play in the Super Bowl, doesn’t it?  And by the way, how bout’ them Broncos!  Just lovin’ that score.  If they can win so, can the “Real Donald.”
Yep, it’s four states down and 46 to go before we know the winner of the 2016 presidential race.  South Carolina and Nevada were good to us.  I’m pretty sure I picked up a half of a delegate in each state. That should produce a whole, unless the government has found a way to tax delegates too and then I might only end up with 2/3 of a delegate.  Either way, it exceeds expectations!  We’re on a roll.
Speaking of rolls!  Notice how people just keep fighting around the world? Everyone wants to chime in, According to the U.N. there are 10 major wars going on around the world today with 32 intrastate wars.  A President has to have a plan.  So,here’s my plan:
Put all of the leaders of these countries in a gym and let them have 250 marshmallows.  The first person knocked out with a marshmallow is out of the war. This continues until a winner has taken over all of the territory of the losing leader. But, you ask, what happens if no one is knocked out by a  flying marshmallow?  Ah, they all return home and a contract is signed that they cannot war with each other until everyone on earth returns to being a farmer and likes beats.  Humm! I wonder how long that will be?
Farmer? That reminds me, we have a travesty in America. We need more people to return to their roots, farming. Hundreds of acres of farmland. No more cry babies! Oh, I hurt my toe, I stumbled on the carpet. I’m laid up for weeks. My pinkie finger hurts, I had to lift up a can of soup. Laid up for months. That’s what we hear, all of the whiners! Let’s take care of that, shall we?
Paul Harvey has it right.  We need the people who run this country to care about the country, the people who live in it and, about the future of America. All we have in Washington now, is the whiners. Why? because they have no “common sense,” which is defined as “sound judgement in practical matters.”  Sound judgement? The politicians in Washington think this has something to do physic’s, like giving an opinion about sound waves.  And every time they have or give an opinion, they think they need to “write a bill” or “make a law.” Yep, let’s make a new law that restricts how much “common sense” people can have.  Practical matters? we better write a bill limiting the use of common sense in practical matters.  We wouldn’t want a country full of people that make good decisions, just because it is the right thing to do, do we?  After all, “according to a new estimate, Congress has had a full work week just 14 percent of the time since 1978.” I mean, “Congress said they planned to address an important report next week because it’s already Tuesday.”  Jimmy Kimmel
I guess it just goes to show, “You can lead a man to Congress, but you can’t make him think.” Milton Berle
Lest we think, it’s just our politicians, how about this; “if the cash you doled out for a Las Vegas cab ride hurt your wallet, it’s not all in you head–auditors in Nevada (by the way, the state, where they just voted for a woman, who I won’t name, who received $3.15 million from Wall Street businesses for speeches given in 2013, according to CNN) also think taxi rates are outrageous. Las Vegas area cabs are overcharging customers to the tune of $47 million a year.” Deseret News
That makes me wonder?  Do you remember when gas prices were high and going up? Restaurants, airlines and trucking services charged an excise tax on deliveries of food, meals and airline tickets. WHY? because they said gas cost them so much.  Now that gas is below $2.00, did these restaurants, airlines or trucking companies give that money back to the customers? Oh! they forgot. I’m sure it’s coming next week. 
Give us an honest farmer.  How about an honest Native American. We kicked them off of their land and gave them some sub-par desert property.
We need housewives, mothers, firemen, pilots and just, plain good people to run our country.  I’m thinking that anyone who attended this show in 1964 is probably a prime candidate for a political office.
If you can scream like that, you should be able to be heard from the floor of the chamber. Besides, you don’t have to say much of importance and you only have to show up on Mondays and Tuesdays.
Carry on till tomorrow!
The Real Donald ✌

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