The Donald Campaign Message 02/14/2017

Now that the New Hampshire primary is behind us and New England is buried in 4 feet of snow and temp’s could feel as low as minus 35, it’s time to move on to the south and west.
Thanks to all of my New Hampshire supporters who braved the cold, waited until the last minute to make a decision on who to vote for, decided to be neither republican or democrat and basically, took the day off to go skiing.  Way to Go!
We continue on our way to Bictory.  (That’s Bickering, as in debates, and Victory, as in, Look out for my dust.)
In Nevada and South Carolina, I intend to remind the voters-No Campaign-No Gain!  Wanta know why?
Now if that doesn’t make you want to loose weight, vote or just get sick to your stomach, you’re not human. Vote for me anyway!
This trip to the south and west is going to require a lot of patience and persistence.  We will have to travel long distances to canvas these states and help the voters know that “The Real Donald” is coming to the rescue:
Of course, they will have to remember that my campaign vehicle has some limitations, remember?
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Hey Mark, where’s my back-up cow? This mare is looking tired. She’s already seen thousands of miles and every time I say “Hi Ho Silver” she just ignores me.
Maybe, we need a little Carpool Karoke to perk her up?
I think this mare will giddy-up after hearing that inspiring music. Whatcha think?
I have heard that the voters in Nevada are distraught with the options for the presidency this year.  They are looking for someone with more courage to take on our enemies in the world.  Someone, who has the heart to care about our local citizens in America and someone, with the brains to figure out E=MCsquared.  I have a couple of ideas for them:
or this option may even TRUMP (pun intended) the wizard:

Mew World Order: Siberian City Backs Cat for Mayor

by The Associated Press                         

BARNAUL, Russia — Tired of the dog-eat-dog politics in their Russian city, the residents of Barnaul say they want a cat to be their next mayor.

The Siberian city of 650,000 people, which lies 1,800 miles east of Moscow, is to get a new mayor next week when a commission comprising the city council and the regional governor choose from among six candidates.

<img class=”img-responsive img_inline” src=”” alt=”Image:” title=”Image:” itemprop=”image”/> Image:

A Siamese cat named Barsik in Barnaul, on Saturday, Dec. 19, 2015. AP

But none of the six appear to spark much affection among Barnaul’s residents. An informal online poll asking residents to express their preferences among the six and a Siamese cat named Barsik showed the feline nabbing more than 90 percent of the vote.

Barsik has attracted much amused attention in the Russian news media. Still, some local politicians understand there’s a more serious message coming from the people of Barnaul, which like many Russian cities has been riddled with alleged corruption.                   

“Through the image of Barsik the cat, our people are sending definite wishes to the future head of Barnaul,” says regional Gov. Alexander Karlin.

“The conclusion has been made that there’s absolutely no trust among voters for any of the candidates,” said local Communist Party official, Ivan Karpov.

The Associated Press
Topics World
First Published Dec 19 2015, 8:05 pm ET
We will definitely need Justin’s help to translate, if the Cat decides to run for president. He’ll have to translate for the cat, all of the slanderous statements made against him, from the other candidates who worry he may win.  ME?  I’m not worried if a cat wins, I’ll just go to work for Ralston-Purina and make a mint selling wholesome cat chow.
Well, there you have it folks.
One parting message: “I have wondered at times what the Ten Commandments would have looked like if Moses had run them through the US Congress.  Ronald Reagan
I guess, I wonder the same thing?
Vote The Real Donald✌

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