The Donald Campaign Message 04/03/2016

As March Madness concludes, the hopes, aspirations and plain old “good luck” (think Syracuse) of all the teams comes to an end.  There are only two teams left to enter the final match.  Which one will come out victorious?
At the beginning of this campaign, there were 17 candidates who wanted to be the next President of the United Sates of America. Now, we have the “Surreal Six.”
Surreal, you say? Yes, having the qualities of surrealism; bizarre.
“a surreal mix of fact and fantasy”
Synonyms: unreal, bizarre, unusual, weird, strange, freakish, unearthly, uncanny, dreamlike, phantasmagorical
PHANTASMAGORICAL? That’s the perfect word for this election year!
Here’s a basic look at the six remaining candidates: (Click on the pictures below and then go to the link below the picture)
Still, the other 5 candidates fail to consider the burning questions that are at the top of all our citizens minds. For example; ” A spinning top always stops. Why does the Earth keep spinning?” Our citizens are concerned. What if the Earth quits spinning. Can the next president handle this issue?

It’s essential that a potential President can address these issues to alleviate any fear that may prevent the public from doing their daily chores like chopping pickles for canning. Without pickles, all major hamburger joints shut down and everyone starves to death because no one knows how to cook a homemade meal anymore.

Here are some of the other major concerns on the minds of Americans:

  1. Near 20-Year High: Bee-pocalypse Postponed Again, Until 2017
  2. California Drought Patterns Becoming More Common
  3. What does a physicist do in his/her spare time?  
  4. Ancient DNA Shows European Wipe-out Of Early Americans  
  5. The Top Quark Mass In 2016

Only the “Real Donald” is aware of these concerns and has a platform to address and solve these issues.  Next week we will address these issues.

Now a member of my campaign staff will give the Pledge of Allegiance to show how we will start every meeting in the White House and Congress if I am elected. (Make sure you watch it until the end, it’s only 4:20 minutes.

Red Skelton’s Pledge of Allegiance – YouTube


That’s it folks, have a happy and prosperous week!

Vote the Real Donald  ✌


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