Question to Professor Hawking

Recently, Stephen Hawking hosted an AMA on Reddit where the central topic was artificial intelligence. I posted a question, but didn’t receive a reply – not surprisingly because of the many, many other questions that were posted.

So I’d like to repost my question here in hopes that one day I do get an answer. The question, really is two-fold. The first is: Which do you think will increase at a higher rate – artificial or natural intelligence?

The second question, surrounding the first, goes a bit deeper: Assuming artificial and natural intelligence are increasing, rather than decaying and dissolving, is there an upper bound or limit to either? If there is an upper limit, what is it? If there isn’t a limit, then is it possible that there exists a being or group of beings somewhere of some kind that has gained enough intelligence and know-how to form biological matter into worlds and universes, including everything that exists therein – similar to how we as humans have gained, gathered, and implemented our intelligence to build skyscrapers, bridges, and spaceships.

Professor Hawking – thoughts?




Every day when I drive to work I realize that the American road system and the American public have an issue in common.  The issue is coagulation, and whether it’s our roads or our arteries we have a serious congestion issue–major blockage, and we may need surgery.


The Train of Truth

The world appears to be headed on a collision course with reality – in other words the train of truth. The point is, either God, and all that He encompasses (not just what people pick and choose to believe) exist, or He does not. It seems  precarious to play chicken with a train, but when the world and train collide one of two things will happen: Either, just as the collision is about to occur the train will vanish into a puff a harmless smoke and world will continue merrily on it’s way, or… the train wins. One ticket for the train please.


Thoughts on Mortality

Justin and I have decided that when God created Adam and Eve, He made them out of the finest dust of the Earth.  That’s why they were able to live for so long.  We, however, have been made from recycled dirt. It’s not quite as good.  Hence, Justin and I are hoping that God will issue a recall because we both could use a few replacement parts.


Life’s Tendered Moments

Life has a way of just…happening. We’ve all been there. You’re moving along with a sense of contentment and calmness. Everything is seemingly in order and tidy. Then, it happens. Life. These moments, they come in all varieties – the good, the bad, the worse, the amusing, the funny, the coincidence, the sad, the happy, and the list goes on. However, when it’s all said and done, we can usually look back and realize that we’ve learned something. We’ve become stronger, more enabled, better than we were before that moment. The key is to look back and relive the moment through our mind’s eye in such a way that it sheds light on that lesson. And then, with a sense of peaceful certainty, we can gain a new appreciation for the moment that life has tendered us. shares several amusing anecdotes and experiences that life has tendered us. These moments come alive in a way that bring a sense of peace and happiness – no matter the variety of tendered moment. It may have even brought a laugh or two. We hope you enjoy reading what we’ve shared and that a smile or two might come along the way.