Question to Professor Hawking

Recently, Stephen Hawking hosted an AMA on Reddit where the central topic was artificial intelligence. I posted a question, but didn’t receive a reply – not surprisingly because of the many, many other questions that were posted.

So I’d like to repost my question here in hopes that one day I do get an answer. The question, really is two-fold. The first is: Which do you think will increase at a higher rate – artificial or natural intelligence?

The second question, surrounding the first, goes a bit deeper: Assuming artificial and natural intelligence are increasing, rather than decaying and dissolving, is there an upper bound or limit to either? If there is an upper limit, what is it? If there isn’t a limit, then is it possible that there exists a being or group of beings somewhere of some kind that has gained enough intelligence and know-how to form biological matter into worlds and universes, including everything that exists therein – similar to how we as humans have gained, gathered, and implemented our intelligence to build skyscrapers, bridges, and spaceships.

Professor Hawking – thoughts?



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