The Donald Campaign Message 12/13/2015

Citizens of Rome!

I can tell that my Presidential campaign is beginning to gain momentum mainly, because others in the race are so busy trying to pick on each other that they don’t see me sneaking up from behind.  In addition, they are not aware of the issues that really confront the great citizens of this country i.e. taxation of lemonade stands, social insecurity and the great American cereal Rip-off that they fail to address these issues in a timely manner.
The public, being keenly aware that the average size wallet, which used to have money in it, is now half the thickness it used to be because it now contains only “get out of jail, free cards” stored up from 1960’s era Monopoly games.  The citizens hold on to these cards, in hope, that after they have given 75% of their wages in taxes to the government that they can use the card when the IRS wants to send them away for not giving 80%.  By the way, where do all of these taxes go anyway?  When people, in this case Congress, can vote to give themselves a raise, whenever they choose and they are the ones allocating our tax money to a variety of causes, shouldn’t  we be a little suspect?  Research shows that when a person receives free money, money they don’t work for, they tend to use less discretion on how it is used and by the way, our current U.S. National Deficit is $18Trillion. which is 1000 X one Billion = 1 trillion.  What does this look like?
Please take a look at this video.  It will knock your “socks off” if, you had any to wear.  The reason you’re probably not wearing any socks is because the IRS took those also.
I am considering Herb Bunk as my Vice Presidential running mate.  More on him later!
Now, about the cereal issue:

Since you probably didn’t have time to read the whole article, I’ll summarize.  “WE’RE PAYING MORE AND GETTING LESS.”

My solution to these problems is simple:  “We will praise the good and Fix the bad”  What does that mean?  Stay tuned for next weeks newsletter.  I will clearly elaborate the meaning of this new banner, which will hang from the rooftops of all of our faithful citizens.  We will also discuss a new problem that faces our nation, “What in the world is the Consumer Price Index?” and how come the politicians in Washington D.C. don’t know either?

Let’s run our chariots all the way to the end of this race!

The Real Donald speaks! ✌


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