Common Sense 12/15/2023

Thomas Paine said it best in 1776 but we say it best in 2024

As we sit down to dinner and either watch the evening news or discuss the daily events in our lives with our significant others, we often ponder the mysteries of life by asking why things happen.  Why are college students calling for the destruction of Israel?  Why do boys want to be girls and girls want to be boys?  Why do people get hired or promoted because of their race or gender instead of their skills and abilities?  Why do we need identification to check out a book from the library or get a Costco membership but showing your ID to vote is racist?  Why do we need to go through Customs at the airport but the southern border is wide open?

We might think it’s a generational thing, I know as baby boomers, the real Donald and I have pondered these and many more subjects and thought we might be able to address them if we were in the White House.  But How?  And then bam, the answer has finally been revealed.

It’s all about the COVID-19 Vaccine!  Quoting from a peer-reviewed article on ““, some of the ingredients in the vaccine cause a phenomenon called “Frame Shifting”.  That Frame Shifting disrupts the reading of the synthetic code in such a way that the body creates “nonsense proteins”.

Ah Ha!  Finally a rational explanation for all the craziness in our country.  Are any of the other candidates talking about this study?  NO!  Why, well while you were sleeping, the real Donald and I were diligently working behind the scenes to bring Frame Shifting to the forefront of the national discussion.  Based on years of working in the pharmaceutical industry, the real Donald will introduce a new treatment for Frame Shifting.

While pre-frontal Lobotomies and electroshock treatments have not been completely ruled out, a more radical new treatment will be proposed.  It’s called “Common Sense”.

We propose investing in research to provide a reversal of the protein that was secreted into the Maderna and Pfizer vaccines.  Once that reversal has taken place, the second shot will add a protein that will change people’s perspective on issues like good vs evil, right vs wrong, and most importantly, love vs hate.

A vote for the Surprise party is a vote for common sense.

A couple of clear examples to make our point:

Not Putting Your Stuff Back On The Proper Shelves In Grocery Stores

Not Leaving Someone’s House When They Say They Are Tired And Have To Get To Work Early In The Morning

Not Surprised yet, just see what’s yet to come


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