The Woodchuck Part 2

Then along came Chuckie a super wood chucking Chuckie and the champion woodchucking chucker of Chattanooga.

One day the Chuckie went a chuckin’ and a chompin’ in the wood when he came across the super chuckin’ champion of the wood and that very same super wood chucking chucker that would chuck a lot of wood if a woodchuck could chuck could chuck wood.

So the Chuckie challenged Chucker to a wood chucking kind of challenge to see who could woodchuck all the wood that they could chuck; so on the count of three they began to chuck the wood.

There was no cheating only chucking, and they chucked all the wood that they could chuck. Then they counted the chucked wood… 33, 34…35, 3600 woods chucked in the wood chucking challenge of the Chattanooga wood.

So they had chucked all of the wood that the super wood chuckers could chuck because it turns out woodchuckers could chuck a lot of wood.

Then they took all the chucked wood, all 3600 of chucked woods, and chucked the wood into many nice cabins in the woods. Then the Chuckie and the Chucker chimed the Chattanooga council and made the choice to give the cabins to the homeless for no charge.

So in the end the Chuckie and the Chucker chucked all the wood that they could chuck and the chucking challenge helped those who had no chuck.


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