The Donald Campaign Message 01/31/2016

Well, here we go folks.  The Iowa Caucus is this week and the New Hampshire Primary is close behind.  All of the candidates are now worried because “The Real Donald” campaign has gained so much momentum in such a short time.  In fact newspaper headlines describe the disarray the other campaign’s face in realizing the trouble they may encounter. “Feuds flare up as clock ticks down toward caucuses in Iowa.” Deseret News, January 31, 2016.
It’s going go be a real horse race to the finish. Just watch:
Did you see all of my opponents riding those horses. Are you worried about them? Probably, because they have a few bumps and bruises from falling off those thoroughbreds.
Soon, I’ll be riding circles around them;
It’s time for this campaign to take on a “Theme Song” so, here’s mine:
Now is the time to put all of these great ideas from the last 3 months together to push this campaign over the top. The American people want to see someone who can create jobs. Not that everyone wants to work but, I would promote factories in the U.S. to build iwheelchairs and icouches.  I would likely call them zwheelchairs and zcouches because the poor letter “Z” always gets left in the dark. Last in the alphabet, hardly any words start with Z and most people, who would buy and race these wheelchairs and lie on the couches that move from the family room to the kitchen, would probably be catching up on their Zzzzzz’s.
Well, I definitely want people to get back to work. Such talent out there that’s untapped.  We want citizens that know how to keep up with technology and more importantly, they find solutions to problems and “think on their feet.”
Here’s a couple that know how to do it right:
Remember, Vote The Real Donald, the one who knows how to ride the horse to the end of the race. ✌

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