So Dirt Poor – Mud Hut

Growing up in the 2010’s – meh

Growing up in the 2000’s – blah

Growing up in the 1990’s – nah

Growing up in the 1980’s – Now let me tell you about growing up in the 80’s. Real men and women were born in the 80’s. We ushered in the dawn of the PC. We stormed into relevancy under the watch of Reagan, and we thrived on and self-cultured in the greatest era of Hollywood movies that included Gremlins and ET. But, most of all, in spite of being so dirt poor, we were ahead of our time in doing our part to combat something called global warming. When we needed AC in our mud hut we simply carved out holes in the walls to let the wind through. Then we used that wind to power our tv, stove, and reclining couch. Now tell me if any climate change activist is willing to go to such lengths today. I thought not. Long live the 80’s!


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