The Donald Campaign Message 01/10/2016


“Where’s the Beef?”  Watch this!
All of the other candidates running this year, for any party, have a lot of “bun” but no beef!
That’s right, very little substance. Why? Because they forget that the great citizens of America always ask the same questions each Presidential cycle but, the candidates never really give a full, direct answer.  For example: when Bernie Sanders is asked if he is a socialist? Here’s his response:

Appearing on NBC’s Meet the Press, Sanders engaged with host Chuck Todd in a easy back-and-forth regarding his brand of socialism.

“Alright,” began Todd, “You joked about the idea when people call you a socialist, you say, ‘Yes, I’m going to make everybody wear the same color pajamas.’”

“Especially you,” replied Sanders.

“Especially me?” asked the host.

“I have a pair of pajamas just for you,” said the candidate.

Now, my take on this is that “I like to have people wearing different pajama’s.”  I don’t think our Founding Fathers or the Constitution ever intended for us all to wear the same pajama’s. After all some like bears and some like turtles.

One of the other major issues in this election is Terrorism.  Ever heard of that topic in the newspapers, on radio, or the T.V. lately?  What the other candidates don’t understand is that religion has been a “bone of contention” for people for about a billion years.  Ever heard of the Crusades?  Seems people don’t like other people who are not the same religion even though, most of the people will tell you that their religion tells them to “love each other” and “forgive each other” and “turn the other cheek.”  Too much bun, not enough beef!

I have a simple answer, everyone that wants to be a terrorist has to sit in the same room with other people they don’t like and watch “Lion King” together.  Half way through, they will all stand, join hands and sing “Hakuna Matata” several hundred times until they all want to hug each other and never have a “disposition to do evil.”  Look it works, just watch!

And finally, for this week, y’all know we went to the great state of Texas between Christmas and New Years.  Well, we got stranded in a snow storm in Melrose, New Mexico. We, along with 53 other people, either slept in a convenience store, on the floor, with no heat or lights, or in our cars in the parking lot overnight. Now, that may sound bad but, it wasn’t half bad.  The problem was, the next day we had to deal with the local highway patrol officer who also spent the night, and who waited for some of us to finally gather everyone together and decide we would get out of Dodge.  After he heard me say, “We’re going” he said, “me too.”  We also had the privilege of dealing with a rear wheel drive plow, with bad passenger tires who got stuck, that’s right stuck, not once, but twice trying to plow the snow.  Guess who got the plow unstuck?  Yes, indeed y’all, it was the 15 men and boys from the convenience store with shovels!!!!!!!  It doesn’t end there.  Once we got the plow unstuck, he drove away, never to be seen again.  Now there’s government at its best.  Then, after we set up a caravan of cars and trucks to forge ahead for 30 minutes to Clovis, we first ran into the Highway Patrolman, who after we got him through the snow, went out in front for a while until, a herd of cows, that broke out of a fence, ran down the highway and we find this fine officer herding cows in his patrol car down the highway.  He honked, they ran, but not in the direction he wanted them to.

Here’s the clincher.  Once through Clovis, on our way to Muleshoe, we encounter, a pickup towing a camper trailer jackknifed in the middle of the road.  Not to worry, a 6000 pound Farm Tractor comes to the rescue and promptly gets stuck in a drift.  Now the entire road is blocked and 40 mile an hour winds are blowing drifts around these 2 vehicles.  Again, not to worry!  The town sends out a grader but what’s this, the grader can’t push the snow, it’s too deep.  So the driver decides to turn around, go back to town and get a front loader.  In the meantime, a massive Army vehicle from Fort Cannon comes to tow the Farm Tractor out of the way but, what’s this, he can’t get his vehicle to the tractor because the snow is too deep so, he turns around and goes back to town.  Thirty minutes later, a front loader starts back to the blocked road but, by now, the police tell him to go back to town and come the next morning.  So, 20 to 30 cars and semi’s watch this preposterous display of ineptness on the highway.  Our government at work!  The moral of the story?  This is hard to believe but, in a age of cell phones, which worked, can’t one person call the grader, the front loader and the massive army vehicle and tell them all, to come at the same time. They could have cleared the highway in 30 minutes.  Instead, Clovis filled up all of their hotels that night.

By now, you get my drift—-no pun intended!  Gov’t doesn’t work very well and heaven forbid if we have an emergency.  Better to go to the funeral parlor and pick out your coffin. 

As President, I intend to fix this by giving every emergency vehicle a can, a long string and an edict to call each other and coordinate their matchbox trucks at the same time.

To prepare you for next week, watch this:

Yes, “The beat Goes On”

Vote The Real Donald to Save Our Country ✌ 


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