So Dirt Poor – The Comb

With three young daughters, keeping the hair combed to avoid tangles, rats nests, and utter destruction can be overwhelming and difficult.  On one particular occasion, after having not combed her hair for several days, if not weeks, my wife was working through a particularly troubling head of hair attached to our youngest daughter. The shrieking was constant and unrelenting. It seemed like the perfect time for another edition of “So Dirt Poor.”

“Daughter. Let me tell you about how hair combing and hair cutting went when I was a kid. We lived on edge every time we combed or got our haircut. The fate of our existence was in question with every stroke and every slice. We were so dirt poor we couldn’t afford combs in our home. We had to use our chainsaw to comb AND cut our hair.”

My daughter certainly thought twice about what goes into hair maintenance after hearing that!


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