So Dirt Poor – Carrots

This next entry in the “So Dirt Poor” series is the one that relays the origin of the name of the series. It was this story about carrots and dirt that launched the name into infinity. One evening at dinner, my daughter decided she didn’t like cooked carrots – nor anything else on the table for that matter. But it was carrots that triggered the thought for this next edition of “So Dirt Poor”

“Kids let me explain to you the situation surrounding the first time I had cooked carrots, or any carrots for that matter while growing up. I was six months old. I asked my mom if we could have cooked carrots for dinner that night. She lovingly explained to me that we couldn’t afford any carrots and that if I wanted carrots I would have to grow them myself. So I promptly found some carrot seeds and went to the backyard to plant my carrots. I was excited. However, when I opened the backdoor, I quickly realized that we were so dirt poor, that we couldn’t even afford dirt for our backyard! Undeterred, I found our chainsaw, cut down our only tree to create compost and planted my seeds. I waited ten years for my carrot to grow, but it finally grew. On my tenth birthday, I enjoyed cooked carrots for dinner”


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