I would like to submit my application for the position of Secretary of Defense Against Booers. As Secretary of Defense Against Booers I will ensure that swift and consistent justice is applied to all people who boo at inappropriate times. All those booing at inappropriate times shall face the consequences of a partial justice system,

Parables from a Mother

Parables from Moab   Parable #1 – If you splash through the mud in an open vehicle, you are bound to get dirty. Mud is an irresistible playground for children. In spite of failed commands to “stay out of the mud” from a parent’s voice of warning, children naturally gravitate to the enticing, fun, and

How the Parable of the Trekker Taught Me about the Purpose of Life

Our Savior often taught with parables. These short stories drew spiritual parallels with common tasks or activities to which people could relate. President Packer described a parable as, “….a true-to-life example used to teach a principle or a doctrine that is invisible or intangible.”(1) A recent true-to-life example that I experienced helped me better understand

For Your Consideration

We are all well aware that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the leading candidates for President of the United States, but please take a step back and consider another candidate, one who is better qualified to serve as our Commander-in-Chief.  His name is the Real Donald, and as the first and only person to

Non-Sizable Digits

We have a major issue in our society today, and we must take action to bring awareness to others about the need for social change.  As President Obama recently stated in a town hall meeting in the UK, “..change takes time.” However, we cannot stress how urgent this issue is.  For a long time now