The Donald Campaign Message 12/6/2015

Dear Staffee, That’s the familiar form of staff.  It shows love, devotion, humility and, and quite frankly, it gives a big bear hug to each of you without being present.  It also leads me into some of my recent findings on political persuasion and what this country is lacking today. First; If you haven’t noticed

A Homeowner’s Political Plight

What would happen if the federal government oversaw the day-to-day events of a homeowner? The following dialog may provide some insight. A pdf for download can be obtained by clicking on the link below, or simply read along in the post. The dialog’s already in process so let’s listen in to what’s going on:Homeowners Political PlightCongressman

Offense – What if I Take One

We had a lesson on getting offended today and this got me thinking. Consider the following: Suppose I’m sitting on my porch. I’m minding my own business simply enjoying a peaceful afternoon. Then, suddenly one of my neighbors walks past and decides to light my pants on fire. Yes, he’s literally lit my britches on

A Sense for Civility

It seems that these days people are really in to yelling at each other.  You turn on the TV, and people are yelling at each other.  You go to a movie, and the people are yelling at each other.  You get in your car and drive to work, and people are yelling at each other

Question to Professor Hawking

Recently, Stephen Hawking hosted an AMA on Reddit where the central topic was artificial intelligence. I posted a question, but didn’t receive a reply – not surprisingly because of the many, many other questions that were posted. So I’d like to repost my question here in hopes that one day I do get an answer. The question,

The Donald Campaign Message 12/13/2015

Citizens of Rome! I can tell that my Presidential campaign is beginning to gain momentum mainly, because others in the race are so busy trying to pick on each other that they don’t see me sneaking up from behind.  In addition, they are not aware of the issues that really confront the great citizens of this

Oh Those Parables

Lindsey and I teach a Youth Sunday School class at church.  We were discussing what lesson to teach, and I asked her if we should teach about the parable of the Twelve Virgins from the Bible.  She began laughing.  She then informed me that there were only ten virgins in the parable.  Apparently, I should

The Donald – Campaign Announcement

Dear World,  – I am pleased to announce the presidential candidacy of The Donald. This is not the Donald you all know of. This a more well-spoken, better-mannered, fighter-of-justice, and sqausher-of-unreasonability Donald. The only common characteristic is the comb-over. Oh, and possible lack of priority for political correctness.  This Donald’s expression of thought, however, is


One day Lindsey and I were watching an online video where the speaker was giving life advice.  One of the pieces of advice he gave was to increase your Question to Answer Ratio.  I couldn’t tell what he said, so I  turned to Lindsey and said, “What?”  She then began laughing. It occurred to us