Every day when I drive to work I realize that the American road system and the American public have an issue in common.  The issue is coagulation, and whether it’s our roads or our arteries we have a serious congestion issue–major blockage, and we may need surgery.

The Train of Truth

The world appears to be headed on a collision course with reality – in other words the train of truth. The point is, either God, and all that He encompasses (not just what people pick and choose to believe) exist, or He does not. It seems  precarious to play chicken with a train, but when

Your Brain is Crazy

The other day I was fooling around by saying random comments and then jokingly suggesting that one of my kids said it. My daughter Maddi said in response to my oddity: “Dad, you do know that your brain controls you? And, your brain is crazy!”

People Say the Darndest Things

An older gentleman came in to visit the Optometry clinic where my wife is doing a rotation.  One of the techs was helping the gentleman prepare for the eye exam and asked him whether he used his glasses for distance or to see up close.  He responded, “I just use them to see.”

A Visit to the Optometrist

An 11-year-old boy came in to see my wife, Lindsey, who is an Optometrist on her second rotation. During the visit, Lindsey dilated his eyes to check their overall health. Upon shining the bright light into his eyes the young boy gasped, then exclaimed, “It’s God”.

Thoughts on Mortality

Justin and I have decided that when God created Adam and Eve, He made them out of the finest dust of the Earth.  That’s why they were able to live for so long.  We, however, have been made from recycled dirt. It’s not quite as good.  Hence, Justin and I are hoping that God will

Celery and Peanut Butter

So I’d like to share an amusing experience that happened to me this evening.  Please note that the names in the following story have not been changed so as to implicate the guilty!  This evening I decided that having a snack of celery and peanut butter sounded quite delicious. A very simple thing really. What could go